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Full Stack Developer


New Orleans, LA


Information Technology


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Intralox's Digital Team is looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer to join its team to become a core contributor to one of the company's leading applications. As a core contributing Full Stack Developer you will be expected to contribute code to several codebases and you will also be expected to contribute your ideas in a collaborative AGILE environment. 


Intralox is a world leader in its industry and as a world leader is looking to build world class software for both Intralox's own employees as well as Intralox's customers. Intralox prides itself on innovation and customer service, and you should too. 

Technical Skill Requirements

  • Mastery of JavaScript (node.js)
  • Experience in other backend environments such as Python, Ruby, .NET
  • Experience working in micro service architecture patterns
  • Experience in interfacing with a variety of services through RESTful best practices
  • Experience working with Salesforce and Oracle
  • Experience working with Front End frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue
  • Good communication skills, history in working in collaborative teams
  • Experience and strength in working with Docker
  • Experience with both SQL and NoSQL databases

Experience Required

  • Bachelor's or Equivalent in Computer Science or other related field
  • 4 years or more of professional experience working in a software related industry 
  • Experience working in an Agile work environment
  • Ability to demonstrate accomplishments through a portfolio or Git repository 
  • Experience working with a variety of backend and enterprise 

Preferred Experience

  • Experience in Redux or any other Flux pattern of architecture
  • Working with webpack
  • Working with docker
  • Ability to convert rich UIs into usable interfaces
  • Experience with Internationalization and Accessibility
  • Familiarity with:
  • Oracle EBS
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce ecosystem, specifically using their APIs
  • Working in a global software development environment